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Hello everyone! YES, the IOWA testing is over...the students were very cooperative and followed directions throughout this battery of testing. Teachers will double check that all test booklets/and answer sheets are in and off they go for scoring. Adios! We are back to a more normal schedule and routine now. I was happy to see so many grandparents and special friends come on Friday to join us in celebrating our students' work and visiting SBS with us.

Note: We will have our last Book Fair for this year on May 15th and 16th.Students can buy their books on either day (or both)...browsing can help with their choices.Make sure any money sent in for the fair is in an envelope with your child's name on it. we will also have our last Fire Prevention class, with fireman Tom, on May 18th.  The end of the year fireman field day is scheduled for June 8th, right here at our school for our class only. Let's not forget the "Cat in the Hat" theatre production on May 23rd. at Univ. of Hartford...reminders were already given out, were backpacks checked?

*5/21: All school Field Day coming up/rain date is 5/22! More info to come....

Reading: our new story is a biography called "Rocks in His Head" by Carol Otis Hurst.I think the students will find it interesting; a hobby turns into something more and the fun of collecting became a way of earning a living. Vocabulary skills, grammar and writing activities will be completed throughout the week.

Spelling:focus/ prefixes(pre- mid- over- out-)  words are: prepaid midnight overflow outdoors outline overgrown prefix Midwest pretest midpoint outgoing overtime overdue outside outfield Challenge words: precaution prediction midsection overweight prehistoric We will work with these 20 words all week long in a  variety of ways. Definitions/ meanings are important to learn. Test on Friday!

Math: continue with division (division with remainder) New word problems: analyzing strategies to solve problems; real world math continued. Please use Moby Max 20 to 30 minutes per week. Thanks....



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