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Hello everyone! Well the weather certainly cooperated for our SBS Field Day, Monday and everyone had a great time. Thank you 3rd. grade parent volunteers, as always you "step up to the plate" and your help is truly appreciated. Just a few reminders: We will have our field day to see "The Cat in the Hat" musical on May 23rd. We will be going with grades K-1-and 2; this should be a wonderful experience for all. Please pack a snack and a bag lunch w/drink (name on it). No hot lunch that day!  We also will be celebrating the red, white and blue on Monday, May 28th (Memorial Day), school will be closed. Have a wonderful day! Lastly, the firemen's field day will be held right here at SBS this year, June 8th. at 9:00 am. (morning only).Please read and return the permission slip for that day, our firefighter will be picking them up this week. Thanks.

Reading: New story, "Elena's Serenade" genre: fantasy. The story takes place in Mexico and little Elena has a gift...a true talent for glass blowing. Students will be introduced to the content words/vocabulary in this story and there are also some simple Spanish words as well. Glass blowing is an ancient art and although some characters and actions are fantasy (unbelievable) the glass blowing part is very real. I'm sure this class will love it...adios amigos!

Spelling: Our 20 words for this week are: (related words) cloth clothes nature natural able ability mean meant deal dealt please pleasant sign signal signature Challenge words: equal equation equator major majority. Students will be able to see the relationship among these words. We will work all week with them. Test on Friday!

Math: More on Division with remainder....yes, they were given that concept and we will continue to reinforce the process. Also computation skills review and word problems. AIMS-WEB will be administered on Tuesday May 22nd. Please continue to use Moby Max at home at least 20-30 min. per week. Thanks.

Religion: The communion of Saints...we briefly started studying the Church process of canonization (making saints) We will read about some modern day saints and discuss the process more thoroughly this week. 

**Landmarks of the world are continuing to be built...this is their last classroom "buddy" project and will be on display next week in school.Stop by and visit the Leaning tower of Pisa, the White House in DC, and the Pyramids of GIZA...a quick trip round the world! Social studies grade.

We have been very busy worker bees this year!



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