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Happy October!

There is NO SCHOOL on Wednesday, October 4.

Please return all forms and money for Silver Bell Farm by Thursday, October 5. The cost is $20 per student and $10 per chaperone. If a student is not attending the field trip I must receive a note by Thursday, October 5. Any student who is not attending the field trip is to stay home and will be marked absent.

Spelling- There is a spelling test on Friday, October 6.

prairie, calorie, honey, valley, money, finally, movie, country, empty, city, rookie, hockey, collie, breezy, jury, balcony, steady, alley, trolley, misty, frequency, parsley, journey, chimney, attorney

Math- The students are studying multiplication and division fact families so they can master basic math facts. The students also will be introduced this week to the Moby Max program which will be part of their nightly homework.

Language Arts- We will begin our unit on types of sentences. The students will also put their finishing touches on their Freckle Juice book report.

Science- We will begin looking at simple machines as we can apply it to our STEM activities.

Religion- This week we will discuss the Holy Trinity and the month of the rosary. We will also read and discuss the Gospel for this Sunday.

Have a wonderful week!

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