Grade 4



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In science, we are concluding our study of light.

We are continuing to read Alice in Wonderland. Each day we can't wait to read what happens next. With this literature unit we are answering various comprehension questions and defining vocabulary.

Also, this week the students have continued to work on long division, as well as, explore fractions and measuring volume.

In religion, we discussed Mary, our Heavenly Mother, and reviewed the Ten Commandments that we have been given to live by.

There will be a spelling test on Friday, May 18.

distrust, uncertain, incomplete, unlikely, unfair, discontinue, unaware, disorder, discount, indirect, unopened, disrespect, unimportant, unlisted, disrepair, inability, disapprove, unsolved, disobey, unsuspecting, disintegrate, disillusioned, unconscious, unappetizing, intolerant

In social studies, we reviewed states and capitals and are working on understanding Memorial Day.

Have a wonderful week!


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