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Welcome to 5th Grade 

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June 5    Grade 8 Graduation at St. Bernard Church 7:00pm

June 7    Spring Concert/Ice Cram Social 6:30pm
June 8     Band Lessons Only

We had a class disscussion the other day about incomplete and missing work. I have been updating educonnect daily over the past few weeks. Any missing or late work needs to be to me by Wednesday June 6. No late, missing, make-up, or incomplete work will be accepted after Wednesday June 6.

Spelling Unit 32: propose, convince, concern, enforce, compare, excuse, conduct, preserve, contain, excite, extend, prefix, engage, pronoun, consist, enclose, consent, probverb, compound, exchange, compose, exact, exit, common, expert, enactment, procedure, convene, preamble, conscise

Literature Unit – Alice in Wonderland

Reading – The Gymnast; The Three-Century Woman; Storyworks articles

English – Final Essay. We spent this past week doing our prewrite and the rough draft, at this point everyone should have a completed rough draft. We are doing final copies on Monday. They have until Thursday June 7 to turn this assignment in. Several students are already on the final copy and a couple have already completed the assignment and turned it in. Please check with your student on their progress.

Religion – Men of the Bible and start Women of the Bible

Social Studies – American Revolution

Science – How can substances change? States of Matter

   5/29 Tuesday GYM ALL

   5/30 Wednesday Band Concert 6:30pm

   5/31 Thursday Free Soccer Dress Down-must wear a soccer jersey or shirt

   6/1   First Friday School Mass 1:15pm

Spelling Unit 31: pollute, pollution, protect, protection, inspect, inspection, impress, impression, migrate, migration, promote, promotion, imitate, imitation, decorate, decoration, confess, confession, express, expression, garbage, health, dirty, ocean, awful, contaminate, contamination, irritate, irritation

Literature Unit – Alice in Wonderland

Reading – Exploding Ants

English – Final Essay

Religion – Men of the Bible

Social Studies – American Revolution

Science – How can substances be described?

Spelling - No test Friday, unit 30 is a review unit

Social Studies - Declaration of Indepenedence

Science - Elements and properties of Matter 

Reading - Finish up Stormy Giovanni Club Storyworks - Halifax Explosion

Religion - review of prayers

English - finish pronouns, review diagraming sentences, start End of Year essay

Math - TEST Thursday (adding fractions, equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions)

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