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Welcome back. I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer.

Reminder that we do have allergies in our half of the building, please review our policy on peanutbutter, nuts, and foods processed in factories that process nuts. Allergies can be life threatening and we want everyone to be safe.

We will be having our Unit 1 Short Vowels Spelling test on Friday September 8.

Unit 1 Spelling words: bunk, staff, dock, slept, mist, bunch, swift, stuck, breath, tough, fond, crush, grasp, dwell, fund, ditch, split, swept, deaf, rough, trunk, skill, track, fresh, odd, trek, knapsack, summit, rustic, mascot

I will be using the webpage as well as this page to post classroom information. The link for is at the top of my classroom page as well as a link for Quizlet.

Please email me at if you have any questions.

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