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Thank you to all the parents who came to the Meet the Teacher- Back to School PTA meeting last week. It was nice to see so many of you. As a reminder, please send in the $10 for the Scholastic magazine- Storyworks so we can begin utilizing this great resource to its fullest potential.

I would also like to thank all of you who have sent in items from Our Wish Tree. Your generosity will help us to complete more of the projects and experiments that we would like to do in the classroom.

This week is class and individual pictures. All students are to be in uniform for the class picture on Wednesday. Individual picture day is Friday, the students may dress nicely.

Also, this is just a follow up to the EduConnect letter that you received on the first day of school. Starting in grade 4, the grade portal is online and accessible by parents. You received a username and password to give you access to your child. A couple of clarifications regarding the online grades.

  1. The grade is not just an average of the grades you see because different types of assignments are weighted differently.
  2. If an assignment has an M in the box then it is missing.
  3. Please note that the assignments are not instantly uploaded to the gradebook as it takes time to collect and grade the assignments.
  4. Late and absentee work will go to the bottom of the pile to be corrected since assignments that are completed and turned in on time need to get back in a timely manner.

Please be advised that it is still early in the year so not all subject areas have as many grades yet. Also, plan on checking EduConnect once a week or so. Do not wait until the end of the trimester to check when there is no time to hand in missing assignments.

On Thursday, grades 3-8 will be going to the Big E. Each student will be assigned a chaperone that they are to stay with at ALL times. The students may dress down in school appropriate clothing. All students should be in sneakers or closed toe shoes with backs. NO SANDALS The students are allowed to bring snacks and a lunch or they may buy food at the Big E. Please be advised that food is expensive so plan accordingly if they are going to buy. They may also bring money for souvenirs that are school appropriate, but we ask that you have a conversation with your child to discuss your rules and expectation for what they are to spend money on. Also the students are NOT allowed to the Midway games or on ANY rides including the elephant, camel, ponies, etc. This is an educational field trip.

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