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Week of October 16, 2017

I am so excited for our field trip this week. This is a rain or shine field trip. Please make sure the student dresses for the weather. This is an outside field trip so everyone should have a jacket.

Bring a disposable bag lunch in a plastic grocery bag. They will be carrying their lunch with them.

Everyone needs to be on time for school that day the bell rings at 8:15 and we are leaving on time. We are not waiting for people.

Spelling Unit 7:  Spelling test Friday 10/20

hare, scar, torch, soar, harsh, sore, lord, flair, warn, floor, tore, lair, snare, carve, bore, fare, cork, barge, flare, rare, horse, sharp, square, stairs, board, folklore, unicorn, ordeal, marvelous, hoard

Homework week of 10/16

Monday -  English p. 19 numbers 15-22

Tuesday - English p. 20 numbers 1-8

Wednesday -  English p.22 numbers 1-7

Thursday - No homework - field trip

Reminder: Independent book report due November 6, 2017. The independent book report follows the same format we used for Freckle Juice.

Science - final copy of fire prevention poster

Social Studies - Reading Time Lines p. 46-47; Lesson 2 Aztec and Inca p. 48-51

Social Studies Test will be the following week Tuesday Oct. 24.

Religion -  review the Apostle's Creed;  Chapter 1 "We are called to worship"

Reading - "Island of the Blue Dolphins" p. 73-83  (finish from last week)

Vocabulary: gnawed, headland, kelp, lair, ravine, shellfish, sinew, brackish, cove, deafening

Skills: theme and setting; dictionary/glossary; character and plot; SPQ3R (survey, predict, question, read, recite, review)

Writing: p.85 Write Now - Friendly Letter - In Island of the Blue Dolphins, the narrator describes a place as she might in a letter to a friend. Think about a place you could describe. Now write a friendly letter about the place.

Science in Reading - p. 86-89 Seven Survival Questions (Make a list of Karana's top five tips)

English - review format of a friendly letter; independent and dependent clauses; subjects/predicates (finish from last week)

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