Grade 5



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Grade 5: Week of October 23, 2017

Homework :

Monday - review for Tuesday's chapter 1 Social Studies test

Tuesday - unfinished class work

Wednesday - unfinished class Work

Thursday - review for Spelling test

Social Studies - Ice Ages, civilization, slavery, glaciers, irrigation, specialize, empire

How did the first people survive? Who were the Maya, Olmec, Anasazi, Inca, Mound Builders? Where were their civilizations located? When did they flourish? What was special about them and their economy? What happened to them? What is a time line? How does a time line help us? Vocabulary is on Quizlet.

Spelling Unit 8 - smear, germ, blur, peer, stir, squirm, nerve, early, worth, pier, thirst, burnt, rear, term, steer, pearl, squirt, stern, hurl, worse, learn, curve, world, firm, year, interpret, yearn, emerge, dreary, career

GRADE 4 SOCIAL STUDIES:    Chapter 1 vocabulary is on Quizlet.

Chapter 1 Environments of the Southwest

Lesson 1 From Coast to Canyons p. 50-55: Rio Grande, Gulf of Mexico, Colorado Plateau, canyons, Grand Canyon, mesa, buttes, Colorado River, erosion, rapids

Lesson 2 Deserts and Oil p. 56-61: Painted Desert, deserts, Sonoran Desert, adapt, saguaro, drought, Dust Bowl,Black Gold, petroleum

Geography Skill - Working with Latitude and Longitude p. 62-65: latitude, parallel, degrees, longitude, prime meridian, meridian, global grid

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