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Week of November 6, 2017

Homework :

Monday - English textbook p. 96 numbers 1-10

Tuesday - English textbook p. 96 numbers 11-20

Wednesday - Spelling textbook p. 65 numbers 1-12

Spelling Unit 9 - basketball, wheelchair, cheerleader, newscast, weekend, everybody, up-to-date, grandparent, first aid, wildlife, highway, daytime, whoever, test tube, turnpike, shipyard, homemade, household, salesperson, brother-in-law, afternoon, ninety0nine, everywhere, all right, breakfast, extraordinary, self-assured, quick-witted, limelight, junior high school

Spelling TEST is on THURSDAY this week.

Reminder: Independent book report due November 6, 2017. The independent book report follows the same format we used for Freckle Juice.

Science - Body Systems

Social Studies - Veterans Day and Immigration

Religion -  Baptism

Reading - "Shutting Out the Sky" (Expository Nonfiction) p. 117-127

Vocabulary: advice, advised, circumstances, elbow, hustled, immigrants, luxury, newcomer, peddler, crannies, greenhorn, pushcarts

Skills: cause and effect; context clues; sequence; contractions; encyclopedia; common and proper nouns

Writing: p. 129 Write Now - Shutting Out the Sky tells about a boy's experiences in a new country. Think about an experience that was meaningful to you. Now write a narrative about that experience.

This is the last story in Unit 1. We will have a vocabulary test on the unit 1 reading vocabulary words next week.

English -  poetry - Write Fall poems

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