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Week of January 2, 2018

Homework :

Tuesday - Unfinished class work

Wednesday - Spelling p. 94 # 1-8

Thursday - Spelling p. 95 # 1-8

Spelling Unit 14 - jewel, sparkle, angle, shovel, single, normal, angel, legal, whistle, fossil, puzzle, bushel, local, gentle, level, label, pedal, ankle, needle, devil, simple, special, metal, nickel, double, mineral, artificial, vital, neutral, kernel 

Tues - independent practice p. 91 #1-20

Wed - Spelling Spree p. 92 #1-25

Thurs - proofreading p. 93

Fri - Test Unit 14

Science - Earth Science- Layers of Earth

atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, crust, mantle, core

Social Studies - Chapter 5 The Settlement of North America

Lesson 1 Northwest Passage: Northwest Passage, profit, portage, John Cabot, Giovanni da Verrazano, Henry Hudson, Jacques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain, Jacques Marquette, Louis Jolilet, Grand Banks, Hudson River, Canada, St. Lawrence River, New France, Quebec

Explain why Europeans began to explore the eastern coast of North America; identify seven important explorers of eastern part of North America and describe their discoveries; identify the reasons that the French founded New France

Religion -  Feast of the Epiphany

Reading - "Jane Goodall"............. (Expository Nonfiction) p. 212-224

Essential Question - What can people do to protect wild animals ?

Vocabulary: conservation, contribute, enthusiastic, environment, investigation, humane, loggers, tapeworms

Skills: fact and opinion; context clues; compare and contrast; electronic media; main and helping verbs

Writing: p. 225 Write Now - Jane Goodall's 10 Ways to Help Save Wildlife lists rules for protecting animals. Think about another situation where rules are helpful. Now write rules that people can follow in that situation.

Reading  in Science - p. 226-229

English -  Main and Helping Verbs

Verbs that are made up of more than one word are verb phrases.  In a verb phrase, the main verb names the action. The helping verb helps tell the time of the action.

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