Grade 5



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Science: Move to Physical Science (blue section) chapter 1 and learn about atoms, molecules, elements, periodic table, solutions, and mixtures.

Social Studies: Grade 5 start chapter 8 European Rivalries in North America.

(Grade 4 Social Studies will be moving to the Southeast as we start chapter 3.)

Spelling Unit 26: pilgrim, worship, forbid, distance, hidden, repair, dozen, destroy, carrot, entry, wisdom, crystal, respond, program, solid, salute, spinach, ashamed, blossom, neglect, harvest, honest, allow, whether, middle, refuge, charter, somber, exert, adapt


Monday – Spelling textbook p. 161 numbers 1-12

Tuesday – Spelling textbook p. 163 numbers 1-20

Wednesday – Spelling p. 164 numbers 1-24

Thursday - Spelling p. 167 numbers 1-12

Religion: Chapter 17 Vocations

English: review grammar skills

Reading: Continue with our Peter Pan literature unit. Read the selection Westlandia in our Reading textbook.

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