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Welcome to 6th Grade!
   Teacher: Ms. April Stich (

This is also the webpage for 8th grade science!




I can't believe how quickly this year is coming to a fair 300x267

We are completing many units and have a number of tests this week.

Tuesday- English Test - Unit 13 -  8TH GRADE SCIENCE FINAL 9:30-11:00

Wednesday - Science Test C4 - Dress Down Day for 6th Grade - Bottle Drive Prize * BOOK FAIR*

Thursday - Religion Test chapter 21 *BOOK FAIR*

Friday - Social Studies Test 15 - Spelling Test 32 - Dress Down for a Cause $5 *BOOK FAIR*

RELIGION - We will continue to discuss "social justice" and look at saints including Archbishop Romero who lived this reality.  


account addition  accurate  approve  advice  assist  affair  advise  applaud  assure 

assume  adjust  appeal  accuse  assign  accomplish  approach  according  acquire  assemble 

address  accident  adventure  adore  arrive 

approximate  appropriate  accumulate  affiliated  applicant

ENGLISH - We will review prepositions; prepositional phrases, used as adverbs, and to expand sentences. 

SCIENCE - We will conclude our unit on recycling and repurposing. 

SOCIAL STUDIES - After our chapter of a changing world with emphasis on Industrial Revolution, we will begin a brief look at 20th century wars.

READING - We are reading Into the Ice and will be reading some short stories and article for discussion in literature group style.

8th Grade Earth Science - Tuesday Final Test am 


We have completed the IOWA testing.  I hope each and every mother enjoyed her special day on Sunday.  Every day should be Mothers' Day!

Hopefully the weather will cooperate on Friday for the Boston Trip!

Monday - Reading Test - Johnny Tremain - chapters 9-12- Completed packets due!!

Tuesday -  Lester Vasquez will be representing the 6th grade at 6pm at JKK for the Spelling Bee.  Good Luck!

Wednesday - 

Thursday - Spelling Test 31- Get your Box Tops in...contest ends May 17th. Last Pick-A-Pop Dress Down Day. Band practice day.


Religion -Unit 4 Review Practice Stump the Shepherd on Loyola Press

Spelling - Unit 31 - TEST Thursday

freight  receipt  yeild  review  belief  eighty  brief  ceiling  neither  foreign 

shield  diesel  reign  fiery  conceit  veil  grief  relieve  seize  leisure    

piece  thief  niece  pier  mischief 

retrieve  deceit  wield  eerie  hygiene

English - We will continue to explore prepositions and daily writing activities.

Reading - We will have our Johnny Tremain test and wrap up.  We will be focusing on short stories for literature circles.

Science - Our study of conservation and recycling will conclude with a survey collecting energy efficiency data from various classrooms. 

Social Studies - As we complete our study of the changing society, we are aiming toward a test on Thursday.  The students have enjoyed the Industrial Revolution. 


Keep up the good work! We will continue with the IOWA testing this week.  Eat a good breakfast and get a good night's sleep.

Wednesday - Wind Turbine Lab

              Bring a bag lunch and drink.

Thursday - Religion Test Dress Down for a Cause ($5 minimum) - Math Test

Friday - Spelling Test 30        GRANDPARENTS' DAY!!

Religion - We will complete the chapter on King David.  Test Thursday

Reading - We will complete our novel study of Johnny Tremain.  The chapters 9-12 Test will be next Monday.

Spelling - Unit 30  Units 25-29 Review Week

English - We will continue to work on research reports.

Science - Our next chapter is about conservation and resource use.  We also have a guest speaker coming in Wednesday to do a lab comparing and building wind turbines. 

Social Studies- We will be exploring revolutions and expansion of the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


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