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Welcome to 6th Grade!
   Teacher: Ms. April Stich (

This is also the webpage for 8th grade science!




We wish the Robotics' Team good luck at their competition on Saturday in Glastonbury. 

They have been working very hard and the presentation is impressive!

Monday - Veterans' Day - No School

Tuesday - Religion Quiz 7- Gym All

Wednesday - Dress Down For a Cause

Thursday - Science test - chapter 4 unit A 

Friday - Spelling Test 11- Reading test - "Dinosaur Ghosts"

English -  We will continue to work on verbs.

Religion - Quiz 7 - Our next chapter will explore the Israelites' journey to Egypt.

Spelling - lawyer  dentist  author  system  custom  method  standard  admit  whisper  tennis 

burden  rescue  banquet  bullet  surface  journey  campus  supply  instant  laundry

actor  surgeon  merchant  employ  effort

aspire  intern  enhance  structure  astute

Reading - We are reading "Dinosaur Ghosts" and will work on locating main ideas and supporting details in nonfiction.

Social Studies- We will begin our chapter on Ancient China.

Science - we will complete our unit on Life Science.  Our Chapter 4 test will be on Thursday 11/15


download 1

Monday Religion Quiz Ch. 6   -   6:30PM Open House

Tuesday - Pizza Lunch ** REMINDER** Bring a drink!

Thursday - Reading TEST - The Universe

Friday - Spelling Test- Social Studies Test

Spelling - Unit 10 - Test Friday 11/9

weapon  struggle  frighten  horror  mental  channel  sample  moral  litter  soldier

kitchen  gallon  stumble  linen  panel  error  rural  quarrel  bundle  cancel  

loyal  matter  novel  major  dozen

corporal  colonel  agricultural  valor  maneuver

Religion - Chapter 6 Religion Quiz

Then we will focus on the covenant promises that were passed on through Jacob.

English - We will work on choosing the correct verbs to expand our vocabulary when writing and paint a clearer picture.

Reading - We will work on 'The Universe" as we read expository nonfiction and concentrate on finding the main idea and supporting details to passages.

Vocab - astronomers  collapse  collide  compact  galaxy  particles  cosmic  optimistic  outbursts

Science - We will continue to study biomes and record data on the biomes we created in class.

Social Studies- Friday we will wrap up the Indus River Valley with the chapter Test.


jack o lanterns

I can't believe it's the last week of October. 

Wednesday is a half day.  Happy Halloween.  Be safe trick or treating!

Thursday is All Saints' Day ..We have Mass at 1:15PM.  Hope to see you there!

Miss Stich

Spelling - Unit 9- Final 

senator  director  minister  similar  senior  junior  messenger  superior  familiar  acre

calendar  elevator  inner  minor  barrier  grammar  surrender  particular  youngster  passenger

mayor  popular  banner  regular  consider

ambassador  chancellor  councilor  corridor  courrier

English - Noun test Wednesday 10/31

Reading Test - Tuesday - When Crowbar Came

Religion- We will begin Unit 2- In chapter 6 we will read about God's covenant with Abraham.  We will explore the Middle east and compare ancient countries with today's counterparts.

Social Studies- We will present our Egypt slide show this week.  we will continue to learn about ancient India.

Science - Chapter 3 test Monday 10/29

We will  then explore biomes and how the various food chains interact.

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