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Welcome to 6th Grade!
   Teacher: Ms. April Stich (

This is also the webpage for 8th grade science!




Congratulations!! Sixth grade has won an extra recess.  The students have asked if we can wait for a nice outside recess day, so we will hope for good weather! 

Keep working to earn Moby Max tickets and be able to win prizes. First drawing is Tuesday!! The contest will run another two weeks!

We will be flexible in the coming week as the junior high students will be taking midterm exams. 

Be sure to get all forms in so that you can participate in Catholic Schools' Week which is next week!

Monday - Holiday- No School in rememberance of Dr. Martin Luther King

Tuesday - GYM all - 8th grade Midterm for SCIENCE

                        Math TEST   Religion TEST

Wednesday - Reading TEST

                       2nd Trimester Interims - 

Thursday - Social Studies TEST - Ancient Arabia

Friday - Unit 17 Spelling TEST  Science QUIZ- Newton's Laws

Religion - Test Tuesday CH. 12 

Spelling - company  success  position  problem  policy  difficult  document  quality  surprise  physical

crisis  awake  example  ignore  accept  parallel  admiral  desire  garage  ambulance

industry  partner  president  absent  attention  efficient  punctual  morale  ethical  potential

English- We have been writing essays and descriptive paragraphs.  As we continue, we will incorporate figurative language to add variety to our writing.

Reading - Wednesday - Test on Learning to Swim

Science- We continue to explore Newton's Laws of Motion.  Friday QUIZ 1/25

Social Studies- We will complete our exploration of Ancient Arabia and TEST THURSDAY 1/24


Here is the plan for this week!

1/13 Family Mass at Holy Family

Hot Table fundraiser -1/14 10:30am-9pm

Be sure to return Catholic Schools' Week permission forms to be able to participate!! Get your blue, neon, and sports clothing ready!

Work on Moby Max to earn prizes the next three weeks!! The more tickets you earn, the more chances you have in the prize drawings!

Spelling - Unit 16

balance  item  secure  require  minus  release  unite  panic  stupid  vital

recent  rebel  beware  relief  pirate  deserve  adopt  poison  spirit  alert

credit  value  remind  protect  report

delete  decade  flourish  vigor  crevice

English- Monday TEST 

Religion - Chapter 12 The Ten Commandments

Reading - We will read Learning to Swim

vocab-customary  emphasized  frantic  stunned  treaded

Science- We have begun our study of Moving Objects.

Social Studies- We are finishing chapter 8 on ancient Americas, our chapter test will be on Tuesday, and will begin the Arab world.

8th Grade Science - We will go over study guide this week and prepare for the Mid Term 1/22 morning


week 2 advent wreath

It's the second week of Advent.  We have our Monday morning prayer service and lighting of the Advent wreath at 8:35am.

All the students in 6th Grade did a wonderful job on their Moby Max and won the contest for a class party!!

The children want to do a pizza party.  Details will follow.

  On Tuesday, the First Trimester Report Cards will be given to the students to bring home. 

Please keep the report card and send back the signed envelope. 

On Wednesday, students have a half day. 

Get your ugly sweaters ready for Friday 12/14.  Father Golas will be over to hear Confessions that day too!

Monday, December 17 we will have our prayer service in the gym, followed by our morning of gingerbread house building. 

Wednesday, the 19th we have our Christmas Concert at 1pm and 6pm.  Get ready for a wonderful Christmas message.

Thursday, December 20th is Christmas Spirit Day.  Be sure to return the flyer to participate.

Friday, December 21st is a half day.  There will be a Christmas prayer service and we are planning to have our Christmas party.  


Religion - We finished our Jesse Tree which is on display.  The children enjoyed crafting them in the Maker space Room.  We are completing Advent and Christmas projects.  In addition, we are continuing our study of the Old Testament, the Israelites' journey, and the Ten Commandments. 

English - We are working on adjective and will be using them daily in the writing applications.  Adjective quiz on Thursday.

Spelling - Unit 14 endings and suffixes

graceful  divided  advanced  privately  replacement  excitement  adorable  teasing  forgiveness  mileage

barely  forceful  scarcely  blaming  entirely  usable  sincerely  amusement  lifeless  changeable

breathless  collapsed  valuable  retirement  government

coordinated  disciplined  consecutively  silhouetted  refinement

Reading - Monday - Good Bye to the Moon test

We will then work on reading the selection, Egypt, and the test will be Friday

Science -We will be working on the solutions, chemical reactions, acids/bases and use of pH scale

Social Studies - Today we begin to explore Ancient Rome.  We are taking notes in class and will have a timeline project accompany this section.

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