Grade 6



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Welcome to 6th Grade!
   Teacher: Ms. April Stich (

This is also the webpage for 8th grade science!




It's been a very busy week.  The students worked very hard and their studying paid

off on this first set of tests and quizes.  I love how they even quized each other during study! 

We have a fun week to look forward to.  Thursday is our trip to the Big E! 

Be sure students dress approiately for the weather, and wear comfortable sneakers.

Religion- Chapter test 2 moved to Monday, then we will begin our chapter on Creation.

Spelling - Unit 4 - Test Friday

 bloom  sprout  droop  crouch  annoy  vault  squawk  avoid  sought  naughty  

mound  groove  foul  hoist  gloom  trout  noun  roost  clause  appoint

scoop  moist  haul  loose  hawk

bountiful  adjoin  taut  turquoise  heirloom

Reading - We will read "Viva New Jersey" and work on skills.

Check out my 6th Grade Literature page on  My class name is  "missstich ".

English - We will complete our chapter on sentence structure and continue journal writing.

Science- We will continue to study mitosis and meiosis which leads us to genetics and heredity.

8th Grade Science- We will wrap up our chapter on minerals and have the Chapter 2 Test Wednesday.  We will be growing crystals for lab.


We are off to another busy week.  Be sure to send in the Big E permission slips.  We're all set for chaperones.  Thank you very much!  You should also be receiving a letter to be able to check into your EduConnect accounts.

Religion - We will distinguish between Old and New Testaments.  We will explore how the Bible is set up and where to find various "books."

Quiz - Thursday

Reading - Test Tuesday - "Old Yeller"

We will read "Mother Fletcher's Gift" We will work on vocabulary and character development

Friday - Test on "Mother Fletcher's Gift"

vocab - apparently  fixtures  flimsy  incident  subscribe  survive

Spelling - Chapter 3

cycle  sweat  rhythm  rely  pleasant  routine  cleanse  shove  reply  meant

sponge  apply  threat  myth  deny  leather  rhyme  thread  meadow  ravine

breath  measure  typical  deaf  crystal  

endeavor  oxygen  dynamic  realm  trampoline

English - Tuesday - Quiz on simple subjects, simple predicates, complex subjects and complex predicates.

We will continue to work on sentence sturcture.

Science- Monday - TEST Chapter 1 pages A6-35 

We will then begin to explore reproduction and heridity. I can't wait to do the Monster Lab!

Social Studies- Wednesday Test Chapter 1- Paleolithic Era and Old Stone Age

We will then begin our study of the Fertile Crescent .  

silt  drought levee irrigation  erosion cuneiform  scribe  city-state  ziggurat  polytheism  empire  code of law 

aqueduct  Judaism  covenant  prophet  Torah  monotheismRen Commandments  Diaspora  

We will also do a map activity comparing ancient cities to present day countries, as well as some other map skill lessons. 

Grade 8 SCIENCE-

First test was given last week and the students' hard work has paid off.  Very nicely done!

This week we will begin our study of Minerals.  Students wiill need a margarine container or other disposable plastic, lidded container.  



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