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It is unbelievable that we are already more than halfway through the month of October! Time flies when you are reading great books and having fun in the library! We had our first school-wide Scholastic Book Fair this month, and thanks to some fabulous SBS families and Mrs. Saint Jacques, our library has some wonderful new titles to offer. Be sure to click on our online catalog link at the top of the library webpage to browse through our newest arrivals. You can scroll through them across the bottom of the catalog page.

Here's what we've been up to in the library so far this year...

book care posters














Grades K-2 have worked very hard learning the best ways to care for books and best manners for using the library. Be sure to stop by the hallway near the library when you visit for parent conferences to see the posters our first graders made showing their best library manners and book care advice. Students in 2nd grade made a collaborative ebook showing their best ideas on the topic. Here is the link to see their ebook:

Third grade is going more in-depth this year with learning about the Dewey Decimal Classification system of organization. They are learning about the various categories and their corresponding numbers to help make finding non-fiction books a breeze. Fourth grade is hard at work bolstering their language power with the help of the Thesaurus. After learning how Peter Roger created his amazing book of lists, our students worked on brainstorming words to describe themselves. Then, they looked up those words in the Thesaurus to find even more exciting words. It was great fun!

thesaurus projects

Grade five is hard at work with the Study Smarts module. They are working on how to be the best and most organized students they can be with the help of Study Smarts. It is such great insider information to help any student work at their greatest potential. Grade six had a refresher on writing bibliographic citations, and now they are well into a research project on world explorers. They are note-taking with encyclopedias, non-fiction books and web resources. Their final work will culminate in a Google Slide show to share their findings on their various explorers. I suspect students will end up learning more than they bargained for when we finish our projects. ;) 

career books

In junior high, our seventh graders are researching various careers of interest. After taking an interest inventory test, students selected a career they were interested in learning more about, and now they are using print and electronic resources to conduct research. Our students are interested in so many amazing careers! I can't wait to see their final presentations on what they learn about how to achieve success in one of their chosen career fields. 

Grade eight is currently working on a media literacy module. We are learning about media outlets and how they affect the way information is presented. This important topic is crucial in being able to navigate contemporary avenues of information. Students will become critical thinkers about what kind(s) of news they come in contact with and whether or not they can trust it.

The year is off to a busy and productive start. The library is certainly humming along!

Welcome back to school and back to the library! I hope everyone had a relaxing and rejuvenating summer filled with lots of fun and summer reading! I've been busy reading this year's CT Nutmeg Book Award Nominated books on the Intermediate List, and boy are they awesome! I made sure to order them for the library, so definitely look for them when you visit and check them out! It is going to be another productive year in the library, and I can't wait to get in to all of our learning. The Makerspace has been spruced up over the summer, too, and we have some new fun offerings in there as well, so stay tuned to learn more. I'm looking forward to seeing all of our amazing SBS students here in library and getting the books off the shelves and into your hands!

IMG 3520

Spring has been a hectic time in the library! We've concluded so many projects and we're ready for some relaxing SUMMER READING!

Here's the rundown of what has been going on:

Kindergarten completed an author study of the author/illustrator Jan Brett. We read several of her lovely, detailed books and then tried our hands at her illustration style: watercolor paints and colored pencil. We learned how much work goes in to completing one of her illustrations, let alone an entire book!

First grade wrapped up an author study on Tomie DePaola. For our final book, we read one of Tomie's autobiographies, 26 Fairmount Avenue. This book chronicles his early childhood, and is a great introduction to biography for this age group. We wrote our own autobiographies after writing some of the most important details of our own young lives. There are more books in the 26 Fairmount Avenue series, and it would be a fantastic choice for first grade summer reading!

Second grade students concluded work on poetry with a few lessons on Haiku poems. We learned the basic conventions of the poetic style, and then headed out into nature to gain inspiration to write our own. The students created beautiful illustrated Haiku poems and really enjoyed figuring out how to use words carefully to fit the syllabic rules. 

Third and fourth grade students learned all about fables. We read several examples of Aesop's fables as well as some retellings, and then students wrote their own original fables. The students created an illustration to accompany their fable in the style of Eric Carle (to connect with their trip to the Eric Carle Museum). Here is their work for you to view in an online ebook:

Fifth grade finished work on non-fiction text elements and their importance to our understanding of non-fiction as readers. Students created text element collages by identifying examples of common text elements in magazines. They included descriptions of each element they found and how the element helps them as a reader. 

text element

Sixth grade finished up their work on genre. After learning the typical elements of several popular literature genres, students spoke via Facetime with a book cover graphic designer to understand how genres are portrayed in cover art on books. Then, they created their own original book cover art to represent one genre they were interested in. Their results hung in the library on an interactive bulletin board where viewers could cast votes to guess which genre they thought each book represented. It was lots of fun! Students wrapped up their work with a round of "Wheel of Genre" on the Smartboard.


Seventh and eigth graders successfully completed their 5 and 10 page research papers. Whew! What a relief to have all that hard work in the rear view window. The students really worked so hard to create strong, meaningful papers about their various historical figures. I commend them all on their efforts and success.

summer read

Even though we are all ready to take a break from school, it is the time of year to remind students and families of the importance of reading over the summer. Research shows that students who read over the summer keep their skills up and are less likely to avoid the "summer slide" (loss of skills due to lack of practice over the summer). So make sure you visit the public library this summer to find some FUN books to keep your brain busy! Many public libraries offer summer reading programs and incentives to keep kids excited about reading over the summer. Additionally, libraries host many exciting programs as well. Check out the calendar of your local library to see what kind of activities are going on. Also, in Connecticut, many public libraries offer museum passes and discounts that you can obtain for free with your library card. Explore the links below for recommended reading lists and local library information. Have a safe, relaxing and book-filled summer!

Reading lists from the State of Connecticut Website:

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