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Things have been moving right along this spring! We've been having loads of fun in the library, and with only a short time left in the school year, it still feels like we have so much to cover in our studies. These last couple of months saw our students rise to the challenge of the "Read Across America" reading incentive. All students in K-6 were invited to participate and read 8 books of their choice, checking off their progress on a map of the United States. We read from Connecticut all the way to Alaska! Participants received small prizes for their achievement. It was a festive and fun way to celebrate early March. Kindergarten students finished up their work on Caldecott Award winning books, and then started a Jan Brett author study. We are learning how her artwork helps to tell more of the story than just what the words on the page tell us. First grade students also experienced the Caldecott Award books and then began an author study on Tomie DePaola. We will cover his biography "26 Fairmount Avenue" next, as we learn the common elements of biographies.

Grades 2-4 finished up their work with many different library tools and reference resources as they related to the Fribble Mouse Adventures series. We learned all about encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, online tools, the library catalog, Dewey Decimal System and more. These students know their library and its "treasures" forward and backward at this point. Grade 2 then moved on to celebrating National Poetry Month (April) with the study of poetry, while the third and fourth grades will explore fables and try writing some of their own. Grade five completed a research project on environmental hazards, beginning with note-taking and ending with a full five paragraph essay along with bibliography. Grade five is now working on the Dewey Decimal System and all of its wonders. We will connect this learning with the text elements of non-fiction resources and how they help us when interacting with informational text. Grade six completed their work on website evaluation and presented their "mystery sites" to one another determining the validity and value of each site. Most recently, the sixth grade has been working on learning the elements of several popular genres. We will have a skype interview this week with a book designer to learn more about how genre plays in to the cover art on a book. So cool!

Grades 7 and 8 are nearing the end of their extensive history research projects. They have completed weeks of obtaining resources, note-taking, writing a bibliography, and creating an outline. All that is left is writing the five or ten page paper and adding parenthetical references. We are nearing the end of this huge project, and the students have done an amazing job! They will have the skills they need to navigate the same kind of research they will experience in high school. 

It is an exciting time of year with so much going on. Welcome, spring, and all the fun and learning that comes along with it!

We are cruising right through the winter, and the library has been a very busy place! During Catholic Schools Week, our library Fiction and Reference sections were weeded and shifted, creating a more easily accessible collection for all to use. Many new titles were also added, thanks to wonderful parent volunteer help.

Kindergarten and First Grade students are finishing up their work on Fairy Tales and Folk Tales, and we have also been exploring some wonderful titles that are Caldecott Award winners. Grades 2-4 are continuing their library resource learing through the Fribble Mouse Library Mystery Series. We have covered encyclopedias, dictionaries, phone directories, atlases, library catalog, non-fiction/Dewey Decimal System, and biography. We have been having so much fun exploring all these library tools! Grade 5 is deep in research mode, as they are learning about various environmental hazards. We are using non-fiction sources, taking notes, keeping bibliographical informaiton and writing a five paragraph research paper. Grade 6 is finishing up work on website evaluation, as they present their "mystery" websites to each other to show their usefulness.

Grades 7 & 8 are now beginning their history research projects. Parent notices have gone home and need to be returned, and step one of the process (locating materials) is underway. I'm linking my bibliography help sheet below for all students to access as they work on properly citing their sources for the project. I'm here to help if any students need it!



December was a whirlwind in the library this year! Working on finishing up a variety of projects, students were busy right until the end of the month when we played our beloved "Library Lingo." Kindergarten and first grade students were treated to the wonders of the Brooks family Christmas story, "Once Upon a Christmas Tree." Mr. Brooks again generously donated his time to share the true story of a butterfly his family found in their Christmas tree years ago. Our students always love hearing this tale, and this year, they even made butterflies for their own trees.

January has brought us all back, refreshed and ready to learn! Kindergarten is finishing up alphabetical order and how it relates to order in the library. Grade one is starting folk tales and will learn about the characteristics of typical folk tales. Grades 2-4 will hear the latest stories of Fribble and Scamper and their adventures in the library, along with the coordinating library skills/resources to grow their information seeking skills. Grade 5 is beginning a research project on environmental health concerns and will focus on locating resources, notetaking and writing a bibliography. Grade 6 will learn about website evaluation, its importance and the pitfalls (and how to avoid them) of finding information on the internet. Grades 7 and 8 will focus in on their upcoming midterm exams. Library time will be a prep for their study guides. 

In the makerspace this month, Mr. Brooks will lead a series of three woodworking classes. Stay tuned to see what our students will build under his guidance!

Happy New Year to everyone! We are off to a great start!

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