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December was a whirlwind in the library this year! Working on finishing up a variety of projects, students were busy right until the end of the month when we played our beloved "Library Lingo." Kindergarten and first grade students were treated to the wonders of the Brooks family Christmas story, "Once Upon a Christmas Tree." Mr. Brooks again generously donated his time to share the true story of a butterfly his family found in their Christmas tree years ago. Our students always love hearing this tale, and this year, they even made butterflies for their own trees.

January has brought us all back, refreshed and ready to learn! Kindergarten is finishing up alphabetical order and how it relates to order in the library. Grade one is starting folk tales and will learn about the characteristics of typical folk tales. Grades 2-4 will hear the latest stories of Fribble and Scamper and their adventures in the library, along with the coordinating library skills/resources to grow their information seeking skills. Grade 5 is beginning a research project on environmental health concerns and will focus on locating resources, notetaking and writing a bibliography. Grade 6 will learn about website evaluation, its importance and the pitfalls (and how to avoid them) of finding information on the internet. Grades 7 and 8 will focus in on their upcoming midterm exams. Library time will be a prep for their study guides. 

In the makerspace this month, Mr. Brooks will lead a series of three woodworking classes. Stay tuned to see what our students will build under his guidance!

Happy New Year to everyone! We are off to a great start!

This month's theme is Thankful for Books, and the students at St. Bernard School certainly are thankful for their favorite books. Our interactive bulletin board this month contains sticky notes with the books students are most thankful for written on them. It is a colorful display for the season and a reminder that books hold a special place in our hearts. 

This past month, our kindergarten students have enjoyed a variety of seasonal stories and activities including, Wonderfall by Michael Hall, Leaf Man by Lois Elhert, Balloons Over Broadway by Melissa Sweet and The Night Before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey. We are thankful for such fun, fall-themed stories. Grades 1 and 2 have been working hard distinguishing fiction from non-fiction. Grade two is taking their learning further and is beginning to discover the non-fiction organization of the Dewey Decimal System. Grade 3 has been very busy learning the ins and outs of the dictionary. Grade 4 is deep into their first research project using encyclopedias, non-fiction books and web sites to find information on an animal of their choice. Grade 5 is nearing the end of the Study Smarts program, which has taught them study skills, organizational tips, test taking strategies, and more. They are going to be super strong students after all this learning! Sixth graders are deep into note taking for a research project on world explorers. Their research will culminate in a power point presentation done in media class with Mrs. Lavoie. Grades 7 and 8 are working on designing a new head for the headless horseman (our fall project). You can spy a few of the finished heads in the photo below. Their work in the makerspace has been terrific this past month. I'm thankful for these wonderful classes and for St. Bernard School.


Our first month (plus) of school has been busy and fun in the library! Students in grades K-2 have been busy learning the rules of the library and best practices for book care. First and second grade classes prepared their top ideas to share with the kindergarten students regarding book care. All of the projects turned out spectacularly!


Second grade used their knowledge of book care and library manners and turned it in to an ebook for the kindergarten students to read. Here is their work for you to enjoy:

Book Care EBook by Second Grade at SBS

Grade three has been learning about the organization in libraries, thanks to our shelf elf, Skoob. They are now focusing on learning the ins and outs of the Dewey Decimal System. Grades 4-6 had some fun checking out a language learning database called Mango Languages on National Speak Like a Pirate Day! Ask one of them how a pirate would say, "Holy cow! The ship is sinking!" Fourth grade is focusing on how to use a Thesaurus, and just completed a project where they brainstormed adjectives that describe themselves with even better adjectives from the thesaurus to complement them.

thesaurus project display

Grade five is deep in to learning the best practices of study skills with the program Study Smarts. So far, we have focused on self-worth, intrinsic/extrinsic motivation and attitude. They are ready to be the best students ever this year! Grade six is delving in to the pitfalls of plagiarism just prior to starting our first research project on world explorers. Grades 7 and 8 are learning about legends as we focus on "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." They will be the first students to have a connecting project in our new Makerspace!

In Makerspace news, we have received so many wonderful donations from our school and parish communities! Thank you to all who have been able to donate gift cards, materials, tools and equipment so far. A wishlist of additional items has also been prepared on, if anyone would like to further contribute to this upcoming hub of activity in our school. The official opening will be this month! We are so excited to have this space for creativity in our school. 

SBS Makerspace Wish List

As always, thank you for checking in to see what is happening in our school library!

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