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Winter is here and that means it's time for some research fun in the media center! The SBS library and media center programs work together to help our students master the efficient and effective use of both print and online resources. In the younger grades, this means introducing each research tool in a fun and engaging way, with lots of hands on practice. In the older grades, it equates to helping our students navigate more difficult sources to produce accurate, detailed research papers and multimedia presentations. Here are a few of the activities we're exploring this winter:

Grades K & 1 - We're exploring the many ways we can use the Internet to learn. From online storybooks to videos and graphic-heavy learning sites, our youngest students are strengthening their reading skills while also learning through a variety of mixed media. 

Grade 2 - The Secret of the Silver Key! This engaging chapter book by Phyllis J. Perry introduces a new research tool each week as our friends Fribble and Scamper solve the mystery linked to Fribble's birthday surprise. As we read each chapter, we're discovering how to use a variety of research tools in both print form and online. Students have the opportunity to practice each skill with fun, hands-on activities.

Grades 3 & 4 - The Secrets of the Sea Chest! Fribble and Scamper are at it again, using their research tools to solve the puzzles found in Fribble's sea chest. After reading each chapter, students are mastering the use of each research tool with hands-on activites in both the library and the media center.

Grade 5 - In keeping with the school's CT Green LEAF and Laudato Si traditions, grade 5 will be researching environmental issues. This year the class will focus on environmental agents that affect children's health. After researching their topics, students will write a short paper and then summarize their findings in an engaging Animoto video.

Grade 6 - Learning about money is important to students of this age. Using a combination of the online lessons provided by EverFi Vault and individual research, students will demonstrate what they've learned with an interactive Prezi.

Grades 7 & 8 - Our junior high students have amazing research skills! Their winter/spring history research projects will allow the students to delve more deeply into history topics they've enjoyed in class. Their in-depth research will be presented in a formal research paper, complete with the MLA formatting that will be expected of them in high school. 


The end of the school year is a great time to revisit our coding skills! We teach coding NOT because we think that all of our students will become computer programmers. Rather, we teach it because of the invaluable academic and life skills it teaches - logical thinking, problem solving, and critical thinking.

Students begin their coding journey in kindergarten with a hands-on robot mouse. After learning how to plan out a program, code it into the robot, and trouble shoot any problems with the program, students are ready to advance their skills.

The next step is a coding app that allows the students to review their existing coding skills in a virtual world, then add more advanced coding such as loops and programs-within-a-program.

Finally, after becoming proficient with a variety of coding skills, students learn the Python programming language and code their way through online adventures. Students keep their online accounts throughout the summer and can spend as much time as they wish advancing their knowledge of Python. This is a great way to enjoy online gaming ... but with awesome computer training along the way!

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