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Welcome back to another exciting year at SBS! There are many fabulous activities to explore in our media center, so be sure to sign and return your Acceptable Use Policy form as soon as possible. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you soon!

Mrs. Lavoie


Summer is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy nature. Get active! Enjoy your friends and family! And get up close and personal with nature!

Many students also find themselves with extra tech time during the summer. Rainy afternoons, hot days when you need a break from the sun, and travel time when you're getting to or from vacation ... these are all great times to enjoy some summer tech. Remember to use your tech time wisely! Educational games and activities are always the best choice. Feel free to use our many links on the SBS Media Center page at for ideas.

Mrs. Mongillo would also like to remind students to use their MobyMax accounts over the summer to practice math. See her letter below to learn about the summer MobyMax requirements and rewards for students entering grades 3-8. For our youngest students, the focus should be on reading with their Lexia accounts. Rewards for Lexia use were sent home with our graduating kindergarten and first grade students the last week of school.


The end of the school year is a great time to revisit our coding skills! We teach coding NOT because we think that all of our students will become computer programmers. Rather, we teach it because of the invaluable academic and life skills it teaches - logical thinking, problem solving, and critical thinking.

Students begin their coding journey in kindergarten with a hands-on robot mouse. After learning how to plan out a program, code it into the robot, and trouble shoot any problems with the program, students are ready to advance their skills.

The next step is a coding app that allows the students to review their existing coding skills in a virtual world, then add more advanced coding such as loops and programs-within-a-program.

Finally, after becoming proficient with a variety of coding skills, students learn the Python programming language and code their way through online adventures. Students keep their online accounts throughout the summer and can spend as much time as they wish advancing their knowledge of Python. This is a great way to enjoy online gaming ... but with awesome computer training along the way!

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