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Welcome to SBS Robotics!

Faculty Advisor: Michelle Lavoie (


* Ages 6-10 (usually grades 1-4)

* Teams meet once a week for 12 weeks, from January to late April

* Challenge – A programmed, moving LEGO model and a Show-Me poster

* Teams participate in Robotics Showcase event at the end of the program.

*Teams are guided by adult coaches and mentored by FLL students



FLL Junior Team News:

This year's theme - Mission Moon - celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing.

This season's "Mission Moon" theme is awesome! Our teams have all built rocket ships that will carry necessary supplies to the moon. The rocket ship has been programmed to autonomously deliver oxygen, water, food, and energy to the astronauts to support life on the moon. Using what they learn about life in space, our teams will each build a moon base focusing on how they will put their needed supplies to use. We look foward to seeing their creations and finding out what they learned at their Showcase Event this Spring!


f* Ages 10-14 (usually grades 5-8)

 * Fall - Teams meet one to three times a week, Winter/Spring - Teams meet once a week

* Challenge – Robot game with LEGO Mindstorms robot and programming, research project/presentation and FLL Core Values/teamwork challenges

 * Teams may participate in local competitions ... The school will host two separate FLL teams with different levels of competition so students can pick the level of participation that's right for them!


FLL Team News:

This year's "Into Orbit" theme looks at the challenges faced by astronauts living in space. The field for the robot game is super engaging and fun!

Swaginators: The Swaginators have designed a robot that uses multiple sensors and has a strong frame that allows for the easy changing of attachments during their Robot Game. They have programmed more missions than they can fit into the two and a half minute game, and are working to run their missions more efficiently and effectively. Their project idea for the season is a network of greenhouses on the moon, which will provide an ongoing supply of food to travelers visiting the moon (a realistic possibility in the next few years thanks to investors like Elon Musk.) The greenhouses would allow the astronauts to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables hydroponically, using water pumped with nutrients and LED lights instead of soil and sun power. For more information, see the video of their project presentation on our school Facebook page!


Swaginator Update: Congratulations! The Swaginators finished 4th out of 24 teams at the Glastonbury Regional FLL Qualifier and have qualified to compete at the State Championships. Join us at Shelton High School on December 1st to cheer them on!

Sonics: Our team members have been working hard to learn robot design and programming. Now, on to our "Into Orbit" robot missions!

Want to learn more? Contact Mrs. Lavoie at

Updates from Previous Seasons ~

The St. Bernard Sonics will see their 2015 project - a propane bottle recycler - become a reality iin 2019! The Enfield Town Council approved their idea in January of 2016 and a CT state grant was approved for the project in July. The machine is scheduled to be up and running in 2018 and we couldn't be prouder of their accomplishment. This will make a huge difference in hazardous materials recycling in northern Connecticut ... all because of a bunch of elementary school kids!