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Welcome to SBS Robotics!

Faculty Advisor: Michelle Lavoie (


* Ages 6-10 (usually grades 1-4)

* Teams meet once a week for 12 weeks, late January to late April

* Challenge – Programmed, moving LEGO model and a Show-Me poster

* Teams participate in robotics showcase event at the end of the program.

*Teams are guided by adult coaches and mentored by FLL students



FLL Junior Team News:

Welcome to the Aqua Adventure season at St. Bernard School! This year we're proud to host 4 FLLjr teams. They're working hard to learn about how we use water in our community. They'll put what they've learned into building a moving, motorized model that will be controlled by a computer program they've create themselves. Each team will also make a Show Me poster to share what they've discovered about the journey water takes through our community. We can't wait to see their creations and hear about what they've learned. Join us for our 2018 Robotics Showcase event on Tuesday, May 1st in the school gym. The festivities will begin at 6:30pm!


* Ages 9-14 (usually grades 5-8)

 * Teams meet one to three times a week from August until December, and once a week from January through April

* Challenge – Robot game with LEGO EV3 robot and programming, research project/presentation and FLL Core Values/teamwork challenges

 * Teams may participate in local competitions ... NEW this year, the school will host two separate FLL teams with different levels of competition so students can pick the level of participation that's right for them


FLL Team News:

Congratulations to both teams for an amazing performance in this year's East of the River FLL regional qualifying competition. Our Sonics really impressed the judges with their engineer notebook and robot game. The Swaginators stood out in robot design, winning the Robot Design Award. The Swaginators' overall score on robot game, teamwork, and project presentation also earned them a coveted spot at the CT State FLL Championships in December where they put in a solid performance. Thank you to all of the adult volunteers who make this amazing program possible!!!


Our FIRST LEGO League training programs are going great! Participants in both of our programs are working hard. Our Learning League participants have mastered basic programming, have completed their first round of missions, and have competed their first robot games. The Boot Camp participants have completed and submitted the hidden challenges from the HydroDynamics season and are working on advanced programming techniques. A good time is being had by all! Stop by our 2018 Robotics Showcase event on Tuesday, May 1st at 6:30pm in the school gym for a demonstration of our FLL skills.

Want to learn more? Contact Mrs. Lavoie at

Updates ~

The St. Bernard Sonics will see their 2015 project - a propane bottle recycler - become a reality iin 2018! The Enfield Town Council approved their idea in January of 2016 and a CT state grant was approved for the project in July. The machine is scheduled to be up and running in 2018 and we couldn't be prouder of their accomplishment. This will make a huge difference in hazardous materials recycling in northern Connecticut ... all because of a bunch of elementary school kids!