National Junior Honor Society



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National Junior Honor Society
St. Bernard School is pleased to host a chapter of the National Junior Honor Society, which is open to our school's seventh and eighth grade students.

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The National Junior Honor Society was established by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) in order to promote the philosophy of developing successful, well-rounded students in schools across the United States. In order for a student to become a member of the National Junior Honor Society, he/she must demonstrate the characteristics that exemplify scholarship, strong leadership, impeccable character, along with service and citizenship. By not just focusing on academics, it is the belief of Saint Bernard School that the National Junior Honor Society recognizes not just outstanding students but exemplary individuals.

In order to qualify for the National Junior Honor Society in the area of scholarship a student must have earned an overall grade point average that equals a B-. This requirement demonstrates that over a nearly one year academic period, a student has shown the determination, work ethic, and ability to achieve academic excellence in all subject areas.  
To qualify in the area of leadership a student must possess characteristics that show leadership. A candidate demonstrates leadership by taking initiative in class, participating in school activities, giving the extra effort to help others, acting in an independent manner without succumbing to the negative influence of others, and displaying confidence in oneself.
Another important quality that a member of the National Junior Honor Society must contain is good character. Character is achieved through consistently distinguishing between right and wrong, treating others with respect and decency, being truthful and honest, taking responsibility, and displaying self-control.
Citizenship & Service
The final area in which a student needs to excel to become a member of the National Junior Honor Society is service and citizenship. To be a good citizen, an individual must be an active and contributing member of a larger community. Strong citizens are willing to work well with others for the greater good of the community. An activity that goes hand-in-hand with citizenship is service. To provide service means to help others without compensation or requirement and to participate in activities that assist those in need. All members of the National Junior Honor Society have participated in service from volunteering at school functions or other organized events, to donating monetary funds and goods to help the less fortunate, to participating in scouts.
The four areas of scholarship, leadership, character, along with citizenship and service must be displayed by all members of the Saint Bernard Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. It is expected that all members must continue to demonstrate these qualities after induction, with the hope that members will carry these qualities with them into high school and beyond. This philosophy affirms the belief that these qualities will make successful, well-rounded individuals.