Community Outreach



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 Community Outreach

Community outreach is a vital part of the St. Bernard experience. We emphasize community giving and volunteerism in every part of our school, regardless of age. We as a school participate in activities to raise money or to collect goods for charitable causes. The individual classrooms often take on their own projects to support specific causes as well.

In our junior high classrooms, each student must take on a project to better the community around them.




Building Community within St. Bernard School

 In addition to reaching out into our community, we also teach students the importance of supporting their school community. We see this every day, as older students reach out to their younger buddies. The sense of family and togetherness is a special part of our school.


My favorite story of the school is from the day I decided to send Jacob to school there. There was an open house with tours, but I missed that date due to work. I was invited to come in for a private tour the following day and was given a tour by a young man in 8th grade. I was impressed with his manners, handshake greeting and looking me in the eye when speaking to me. But what really impressed me was when walking down the younger classroom hallway, he high-fived and greeted several of the Kindergarten children by name. Their faces lit up when seeing him. Now in our fourth year at the school, I  still see that the children all know and respect each other and there is a feeling of home and family throughout all the grades. I know that when I send Jacob to school everyday, he is safe and happy in a warm and comfortable environment.” - Tanya Hughes, SBS Parent