Grocery and Gift Cards



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Grocery and Gift Cards



Grocery Cards:

One of the ways we help raise money is through purchasing Grocery Cards. We offer cards from Stop & Shop, Big Y, Shop Rite, and Geissler’s, in either $25 or $50 increments, or $10 Dunkin Donuts cards. With each purchase, a small profit percentage is donated to the school. We sell these grocery cards at both the school and before & after masses at St. Bernard Church. Purchases can be made with cash, check or credit card. The addition of accepting credit card sales has helped to increase sales and that has certainly helped out!

 This is a simple fundraising opportunity to earn money for our school at no additional cost to any of us. Just last year, the sales combined, from both the school and the church, were $55,085; giving us a total profit of $2,853. We all grocery shop and with the variety of stores offered and method of payments accepted, why not get involved and start purchasing grocery cards this way?

 A grocery card order form can be found here. The form along with payment can be sent in via backpack mail with your child and the cards will be sent home. No form is required for purchasing before or after masses. Thank you for your support!



Gift Cards:

In addition, at certain times of the years (such as before the Christmas holiday season) we also sell gift cards to a variety of stores. This is a great way to purchase presents for those on your gift list while benefitting the school. A gift card order form will be available soon. The next order should be placed sometime in October.