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Parent involvement and volunteering is an important part of making St. Bernard the wonderful school it is. We appreciate each and everyone who has taken the time to help with the activities we've done. Too often however, the same families bear the responsibility of volunteering or events have been understaffed. As a way of spreading this time out and creating more involvement we have implemented a volunteer hour requirement.
Each family will be required to volunteer for a minimum of 15 hours or pay $150.00 extra each school year. Hours of nearly every event or program at the school will be included. Volunteer opportunities available during the school day include lunch and recess duty, library, field day, Catholic Schools Week activities, Grandparents Day, and field trips. Some of the evening and weekend events our volunteers have enjoyed helping with include the Spring auction, carnival, book fairs, Santa breakfast, coaching sports teams, training our robotics teams, and many more!
With that said, we are always in need of families and friends who can be the chairperson for our events. The chairperson will be responsible for organizing and running the event, coordinating volunteers and working with the PTA. Chairing an event is a great way to get your volunteer hours done quickly!
For more information, contact Jill Osborn at [email protected]