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Welcome to 3rd & 4th Grade

Teacher: Mrs. Amy Kundrat (




Here is the e-book of the students' fables that they wrote and illustrated in library after studying Eric Carle's picture book making. Thank you, Mrs. Frost!


We have a great last two weeks of the school year ahead of us!

Today is field day and the day is off to a great start.

On Thursday, June 6, it is our Spring Concert and Ice Cream Social. The students are asked to wear their 50’s outfits to school on Thursday. Please refer to the notice sent home for more information.

On Friday, June 7, we have First Friday Mass. All students must be in their regular school uniform.

On Monday, June 10, it is a gym all day! There is no gym on Tuesday, June 11.

On Tuesday, June 11, the class has a class dress down day from the auction. A special thanks to the Mahalski family who purchased this for our class.

On Wednesday, June 12, the third graders will be going to the Fire Station for their Fire Prevention Field Day. Please complete and return all permission slips by Thursday, June 6. This day is also an Early Dismissal day! Please make sure to let me know how students are going home. ACES closes at 3pm on June 12.

Thursday, June 13 is our last day of school. We will gather for Mass as a school community at 10:00am. Dismissal is at 11:00am and there is NO ACES available.

All missing and late work must be turned in by Friday, June 7.

Thank you for all of your support and cooperation. We have had a wonderful year in the Land of Oz!

This week we have a couple of exciting activities going on.

On Wednesday, May 22 it is the 1st place for the bottle and can drive reward day. The students have a FREE DRESS DOWN day and will enjoy their ice cream treat in the afternoon.

Thursday, May 23 is our field trip. The students are to bring a peanut tree nut free lunch! The students are to dress down in school appropriate clothing. THE BUS WILL BE LEAVING PROMPTLY AT 8:30AM SO WE ARE NOT LATE FOR OUR FIELD TRIP! Therefore, all Chaperones and students are to arrive at 8:15am to allow for organization and preparing for the trip. All students are to eat breakfast as there will be no snack that day. Also, students may bring money for the gift shop. Please know this is entirely up to parent’s discretion. They will have a very short amount of time to shop, and this is only if time allows. Also, students are responsible for their money. Please know many items can be quite pricey, however there are smaller items like bookmarks, keychains, etc.

Friday, May 24 is a dress down for a cause for a $5 donation.

Spelling- There will be a test on Friday, May 24.

Grade 3- leadership, gracefully, refreshment, uncomfortable, overdoing, remarkable, carefully, unbearably, ownership, unacceptable, impossibly, reappeared, unprepared, oncoming, misbehaving, outrageous, incomprehensible, undoubtedly, independence, disadvantage

Grade 4- careful, tasteful, lonely, powerful, suggestion, peaceful, recently, extremely, certainly, wisely, harmful, monthly, yearly, successful, playful, thoughtful, actually, pollution, correction, eagerly, separation, description, immediately, suspenseful, completely

Math- The third graders will have a quiz on ordering fractions on Wednesday, May 22. They are allowed to use their fraction strips. The fourth graders will have a quiz on equivalent fractions and simplest form on Wednesday, May 22.

Social Studies- We are beginning our study of the West region. There will be a test on this region on Thursday, May 30th. The students will need to identify the states on a map and fourth graders will need to identify the abbreviations.

Religion- We are continuing our Family Life Unit.

Language Arts- We will continue working on reading comprehension skills using The Wizard of Oz.

Science- The intermediate wing is doing a life science unit studying and displaying the habitats of various animals.

Next Tuesday, May 28 is Field Day. All students in grade ¾ are to wear a green shirt and athletic bottoms. They also need to apply sunscreen and bring a labelled water bottle. Students may bring a hat to wear outside. All students must have sneakers on.

Have a wonderful week!

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