Grade 3 & 4



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Welcome to 3rd & 4th Grade

Teacher: Mrs. Amy Kundrat (




Just a reminder that Monday, April 22 is Earth Day and GYM ALL.

Please make sure that ALL students wear their GYM UNIFORM on Monday, April 22nd.

Nature's Helping Hands will be leading us in an afternoon of litter clean up and a recycling project. 

I hope you all had a wonderful vacation week. It looks like spring has finally arrived! Even though we have a shorter week, there will be a spelling test on Thursday, April 18. There is NO Moby Max requirement this week!

Grade 3- thought, fought, bought, taught, caught, walk, cough, talk, daughter, ought, sought, brought, trough, chalk, stalk, sidewalk, distraught, afterthought, overwrought, beanstalk

Grade 4- dictionary, abrupt, predict, import, locally, verdict, locate, portable, transport, bankrupt, dictate, location, erupt, passport, export, contradict, rupture, interrupt, disrupt, dislocate, vindictive, portfolio, jurisdiction, corruption, interruption


Mrs. Meissenn and I wish you and your family a blessed Holy Week and Happy Easter!

Spring is in full swing and we are eagerly learning about insects in the intermediate pod.

This week we have our field trip to the Puzzle Factory. A couple of reminders for the field trip.

  1. All students are to dress down in school appropriate clothing and MUST WEAR SNEAKERS.
  2. All students are to bring a PEANUT/TREE NUT FREE bagged lunch.
  3. We will not have snack so please make sure all students eat breakfast.

Here is what we will be learning in the Land of Oz.

Language Arts- We will continue reading and discussing The Wizard of Oz.

Spelling- There will be a spelling test on Friday, April 5.

Grade 3-small, almost, always, because, straw, drawn, also, author, false, already, flaw, sausage, applause, walnut, lawn, awesome, altogether, awning, faucet, laundry

Grade 4- telephone, biography, telescope, photograph, microwave, diameter, barometer, microscope, headphones, microphone, autograph, microchip, telegraph, perimeter, paragraph, phonics, symphony, saxophone, periscope, megaphone, stethoscope, xylophone, cacophony, microorganism, microbe

Math- We are going to explore the unit of fractions

Science- We are continuing to take a closer look at insects.

Social Studies- We are exploring the region of the Midwest.

Religion- We will continue discussing the liturgical season of Lent and begin taking a closer look at Holy Week. This Friday, we will gather as a school community for First Friday Mass. We will also read and discuss the Gospel for this Sunday.

Have a wonderful Spring Break!

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