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We have a busy and exciting week in the Land of Oz!

Wednesday, September 26, is Johnny Appleseed Day and a 12:45pm Early Dismissal! Just a reminder that the students will be making apple cake for a sweet treat to have after they eat lunch. Please make sure your child has a snack for morning snack time.

Thursday, September 27, we are going to the Big E. Here are a few important details about the Big E.

All chaperones should arrive to the school by 8:30am and will be asked to wait in the school gym until after Morning Prayer is finished. The bus drivers will not allow any drinks on the bus so please make sure you finish your morning coffee before boarding the bus.

The students are not allowed to ride any of the rides at the BIG E including the elephant and the Big Yellow slide.

Even though we all look forward to the food at the BIG E, the students and chaperones can bring their own lunch, prices are expensive so make sure your child has enough money if they plan on eating or buying anything at the BIG E. I would make sure to pack at least a couple of snacks and a drink until the students find something they may want to eat.

The weather is supposed to be wonderful for this outing; the students should wear dress down clothes. Please make sure they follow the school policies for dress down attire. Also, students are responsible to carry anything they bring to the Big E. No electronics are to be brought to the Big E.

This week we will continue reading and discussing Tall Tales and the Scientific Method. In religion we will begin taking a closer look at the Bible and how to find Scripture verses. The students are continuing to master computation of larger numbers in math.

There will be a Spelling Test on Friday, Septmber 28.

Spelling Grade 3- using, getting, easiest, swimming, heavier, greatest, pleased, emptied, leaving, worried, strangest, freezing, funniest, angrier, shopped, included, occurred, supplying, scarier, happiest

Spelling Grade 4- sweet, each, three, least, freedom, below, throat, float, foam, flown, greet, season, croak, shallow, eagle, indeed, rainbow, grown, seaweed, hollow, Halloween, speedometer, underneath, seacoast, cocoa

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Kundrat

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