Grade 3 & 4



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Thank you to all the chaperones who joined us for our trip to the Big E. I must tell you that we learned some very interesting facts during our classroom share time.

Just a reminder that there is NO SCHOOL on Wednesday, October 3.

Here are some highlights of what we will be covering in the Land of Oz.

Science- The students will have a test on Simple Machines on Thursday, October 4. Today they are coming home with their science notebook that has all the material that they need to study for their test. We will continue to review this material tomorrow in class. We also went over study skills.

Spelling- There is a spelling test on Friday, October 5.

Grade 3- clean, agree, teeth, dream, grain, coach, display, window, shadow, cheese, peach, braid, Sunday, float, thrown, entertain, complain, bleachers, willow, wheat

Grade 4- prairie, calorie, honey, valley, money, finally, movie, country, empty, city, rookie, hockey, collie, breezy, jury, balcony, steady, alley, trolley, misty, frequency, parsley, journey, chimney, attorney

Math- We will conclude our review of addition and subtraction of larger numbers this week. Then we will move into understanding multiplication.

Religion- We will continue to discuss Sacred Scripture and the Feast of St. Francis. On Friday, we will gather as a school community for Mass. (NO DRESS DOWN PASSES ARE TO BE USED)

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