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We have some very busy and exciting weeks ahead of us as we lead up to Christmas break. Here is what we will be working on the next two weeks!

Tuesday, December 11, the students will be coming home with their report cards. Please sign and return the envelope only ASAP. The report card and first trimester letter are yours to keep.

Math- The third graders will spend the next two weeks mastering and reviewing all their multiplication facts through the tens times tables. They will have a test on all of these facts on Tuesday, December 18. They will continue to have short timed tests to review the math facts leading up to next Tuesday as well. This will include word problems too!

Fourth grade will use the next two weeks to master multiplying 2, 3, and 4 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers. They will have a test on this skill on Tuesday, December 18. This will also include word problems.

Language Arts- During this holiday season, we are using How the Grinch Stole Christmas to practice our story retelling skills. The students will create a written retelling. We will also use the writing process as we polish our writing!

Spelling- There is a spelling test this Friday, December 14

Grade 3-clock, large, page, mark, kitten, judge, crack, edge, pocket, brake, change, ridge, jacket, badge, orange, freckles, advantage, pledge, Kentucky, kingdom

Grade 4-however, mountain, mound, scout, shout, couch, towel, ounce, coward, outdoors, flowerpot, scowl, browse, announce, hound, trout, drowsy, grouch, eyebrow, boundary, cauliflower, foundation, surround, allowance, counselor

There is NO spelling test next week!

Science- The students will continue to learn about Polar animals.

Social Studies- The students will continue practicing identifying latitude and longitude. Also, the students should be mastering the states in alphabetical order with their Fifty Nifty song.

Religion- We will conclude our study of Holy Days of Obligation. Also, we will begin looking at the story of Jesus’ birth. As always, we will read and discuss the Gospel for this Sunday.

Have a wonderful week!

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