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Here is what we will be learning this week in the Land of Oz.

Language Arts- The third, fourth, and fifth grade classes will be starting a unit on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.

Spelling- There will be a spelling test on Friday, January 11.

Grade 3-beautiful, safely, kindness, finally, spotless, worthless, illness, helpful, daily, suddenly, wireless, quietly, fairness, cheerful, painful, anxiously, thoughtfully, cautiously, tardiness, breathless

Grade 4-watermelon, homemade, understand, sometimes, shoelace, highway, upstairs, thunderstorm, shortcut, doorbell, jellyfish, touchdown, campfire, skateboard, anyway, fireworks, haircut, loudspeaker, laptop, flashlight, masterpiece, stomachache, cliffhanger, sweatshirt, afterthought

Social Studies and Science- The students will complete a unit on the Polar regions. This will include studying maps and the animals of these areas.

Math- In math, the students are working on reviewing computation skills, as well as, beginning a geometry unit with some fun activities in the intermediate wing.

Religion- In religion, the students will take a closer look at the stories of Jesus. We will also read and discuss the Gospel for this Sunday.

Please return all Catholic Schools Week permission slips ASAP.

Have a wonderful week!

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