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January 2019

Dear Parents,

As stated at the beginning of the year, MobyMax is an integral and individualized part of the math curriculum at all grade levels. Each student in grades three, four, and five is required to complete a minimum of 50 minutes each week in the area of Math (NOT NUMBERS OR FACT FLUENCY). The students have seven days to complete the assignment from 12:00am Monday until 11:59pm Sunday. Therefore, there are NO MAKEUPS allowed as the student is able to complete it any of those seven days.

This counts as a task each week for math and therefore, it does impact a student's performance. The task is counted as complete if a minimum of 50 minutes in Math is reached, otherwise it is considered incomplete. PLEASE CHECK THE MOBYMAX TIME ON THE PROGRAM TO MAKE SURE THE MINIMUM MINUTES HAVE BEEN MET. This is a weekly assignment. The weeks that MobyMax must be completed are outlined below.

January 7-13

January 14- 20

January 21-27

January 28- February 3

February 4- 10

February 11-17

February 18-24

February 25- March 3

March 4- 10

March 11-17

March 18-24

March 25-31

April 1-7

April 8-14 Spring Vacation- NO MOBY MAX

April 15-21 Holy Week- NO MOBY Max

April 22-28

April 29- May 5

May 6- 12

May 13-19

May 20-26

May 27-June 2 Memorial Day and Carnival- NO MOBY MAX

June 3- 7

Thank you,

Mrs. Kundrat and Mrs. Grout

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