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After a cold and wintery long weekend, the short school week is off to a great start. Due to the very short week and Catholic Schools Week next week, here is what will be going on for the rest of the week. I will update with Catholic Schools Week later on this week.

We will continue our units on the North Pole and the South Pole. The students are enjoying learning about the different polar animals. We have talked about polar bears, moose, and penguins so far.

The intermediate classes will also continue their literature unit on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The next spelling test will be on Wednesday, January 30. This will give the students enough time to practice with the words and be prepared for their next spelling test.

Grade 3- wolves, knives, feet, men, children, women, sheep, heroes, scarves, mice, geese, cuffs, elves, banjos, halves, loaves, beliefs, tomatoes, potatoes, tornadoes

Grade 4- don’t, won’t, wouldn’t, there’s, we’re, you’re, doesn’t, I’ve, here’s, wasn’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, where’s, hadn’t, aren’t, they’re, it’s, we’ve, when’s, haven’t, it’ll, who’ll, might’ve, mustn’t, we’d

In math we will study geometry and the fourth graders will review division facts in preparation for long division.

In religion we will learn about the saints who impacted Catholic Education and read and discuss the Gospel for this Sunday.

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