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We had a wonderful Catholic Schools Week here at SBS!

This Sunday, February 10 is Family Mass at 10:30am at St. Bernard Church. Students from grade 3/4 will be reading at this Mass. All students reading must arrive at St. Bernard Church at 10:30 in their school uniform. If students are in choir they will report to choir at their regular time in their choir attire.

Here is what we will be learning this week in the Land of Oz.

Math- The students are working on points, lines, rays, line segments, and angles. There will be a test on this on Thursday, February 8.

Spelling- The students will have their spelling test on Friday, February 9.

Grade 3- third, early, world, certain, dirty, herself, earth, word, perfect, verb, nerve, worm, thirsty, workout, earn, determine, commercial, whirlwind, worthwhile, virtual

Grade 4-chicken, eleven, given, jungle, national, several, natural, needle, single, citizen, threaten, diagonal, paddle, animal, spiral, marble, oval, mumble, tangle, frighten, strengthen, knuckle, individual, cubicle, three-dimensional

Langauge Arts- We are continuing to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We are so excited that Charlie found a golden ticket. We can’t wait to see what happens next. Please make sure the students are reviewing and studying their vocabulary each night.


Social Studies- We are taking a closer look at the regions. The first region we will be studying is the Northeast. There will be a test next Thursday, February 14. The students will have a booklet to refer to study for the test.

Religion- The third graders are taking a closer look at their gifts they have received from God. The fourth graders are learning about how God is loving, forgiving, and healing. We will also read and discuss the Gospel for this Sunday.

Have a wonderful week!

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