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Due to the impending snowstorm, the social studies test on the Northeast will still be on Thursday, February 14. The students have all the information they need to study for the test and we have reviewed multiple times. All students must be able to identify the states on a map, define the social studies vocabulary, and answer questions regarding states’ locations, landmarks, landforms, natural resources, and climate. The 4th graders must also know the states’ abbreviations and if they fit in New England and Middle Atlantic states.

There is also a spelling test on Friday, February 15.

Grade 3-prepaid, midnight, overflow, outdoors, outline, overgrown, prefix, Midwest, pretest, midpoint, outgoing, overtime, overdue, outside, outfield, precaution, prediction, midsection, overweight, prehistoric

Grade 4-brother, together, dinner, popular, center, calendar, similar, regular, summer, clever, supper, pitcher, filter, hangar, never, shelter, cellar, caterpillar, theater, deliver, character, singular, receiver, spectacular, binocular

Math- This week the students will be learning about polygons, quadrilaterals, and triangles. They will also work on identifying in shapes are congruent or not. They will have a test on this material on Friday, February 22. The students will also continue reviewing computation skills.

Language Arts- The intermediate grade students are continuing their study of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They will have a vocabulary quiz on the vocabulary from Chapters 11-17 on Friday, February 15.

Religion- The third graders are going to discuss the saints and the call to follow Jesus. The fourth graders will discuss worshipping God and how we have the Ten Commandments. We will all read and discuss the Gospel for this Sunday.

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