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Welcome to Kindergarten

Teacher: Mrs. Jessica Pernal (




****No School Monday November 11 in honor of Veterans Day*******

*****Tuesday November 12 will be a GYM ALL- Be in Gym Uniform*******

*****Wednesday  November 13 is  Picture Retakes*******

*****Please remember hats, coats and gloves for outside play  and everything labeled******


Lexia paperwork went home in Friday's folder. Please let me know if you are having trouble getting in. The children have been on it a couple times at school and they seem to be getting the hang of it, but let me know if questions come up


This week we move on with the letter Pp for /p/   (new words to blend: Pam, pat, map....)    Sight words:   we   my   like

Our big book is " Animal Babies in the Grassland" another nonfiction selection. The skill will be finding the main idea

In math we finish up numbers 0-10     if flash cards were sent home please practice number identificaiton and number order with students

Have a GREAT week!



November Family Mass at Holy Family  Church 11:00 am on Sunday November 3, 2019. All are welcome to attend.

Open House for Prospective Families on Monday November 4, 2019 from 6:30pm-8:00pm. Spread the word !

Pizza Lunch on Tuesday November 5 if you paid for it. No Hot Lunch will be available. Drinks need to be provided from home.


This week we work with Ss for the /s/ sound. We will be blending the words (Sam, sat, along with the words from last week)   We continue with sight words:  have    is

Our Big Book is " Nature Spy"  our second non fiction story. We will work on setting

In math we continue with numbers 0-10 . Please practice at home with number identification

In religion we begin to talk about being Thankful

I enjoyed seeing parents at conferences.  Please continue to email if there are questions or concerns that come up.

Have a GREAT week!

***Reminder: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are all Early Dismissals.  Dismissal is at 12:45. ACES is open until 6:00 pm all three days. ****

***I look forward to seeing everyone at Conferences. Please remember to come on time and the conferences are only 15 minutes long.****

*****Friday is First Friday Mass where we will be celebrating All Saints Day. Mass is at 1:15pm. No Dress Down Passes can be used****


This week we will move onto our first vowel with Aa. We will learn the sound for it and words that begin with it but also how vowels are in the middle of the words. That is what we concentrate on in kindergarten: consonsant, vowel, consonant words) ex: cat, fit, sad....etc......   Continue to go over all other sounds with Mm and Tt .   Our sight words this week are:  have       is      

Our big book this week is "Flowers" it is our first non fiction story we will read. We continue to go over character, setting, author and illustrator in stories

Math we continue to work with counting groups of objects. Making groups that are bigger or smaller along with writing numbers.


Have a Great Week!

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