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Welcome to Kindergarten

Teacher: Mrs. Jessica Pernal (




****Tuesday is GYM ALL. Everyone should be in a gym uniform.     Monday is regular school uniform*****

****Wednesday is individual picture day. Students do not need to be in uniform. They should be dressed in their Sunday best though. ******

****Thursday for class pictures everyone needs to be in uniform******


If a girl is wearing the jumper, please put shorts on underneath it.


This week we dive into our kindergarten curriculum. In literacy we read "The Little School Bus" working on identifying characters  

We will look at rhyming words and letters Aa-Ee in phonics

Chapter 1 in math is sorting


Any questions let me know :-) 



Kindergarten had a great first week in school. We even got through our first fire drill, and our first Mass.

This week we will begin chapter 1 in our religion book as well as practicing blessing ourselves correctly and also learning the three prayers we say each morning: The Our Father, Hail Mary and the Glory Be. We are also learning the blessing we say before meals. I will send these home this week to practice at home.

The students should also be bringing in their All About Me bags to share with the class.

We continue to learn about each other, the rules of the classroom and school and also adjusting to a new schedule.

Few reminders for this week:

Again lunch is $2.50  

We have gym for the first time on Monday morning. The students should come to school in their gym uniform on Monday. The gym uniform is the grey St. Bernard shirt, comfortable bottoms and a good sneaker to run around in.

On Tuesday we have our first PTA meeting/Open House. Hope to see everyone there to check out the classroom and learn more about our kindergarten day

Other information: 

Please make sure the student has a snack and drink everyday

If a girl is in the jumper, please put shorts on under it. We are trying to teach proper sitting in a dress but the shorts underneath would help.

As always any questions or concerns please let me know.


Hello Kindergarten families! This is where I will be posting information about the kindergarten classroom. Please subscribe to this page and when I update you will get an email alert. ****

****Everyone had a GREAT first day! All tears were done by the time we entered the classroom. ****

****This week we focus on getting into our routines. We will get to know the building learn the school and classroom rules*****


****Just a few reminders: Hot lunch is now $2.50  Please put moneyin baggie or envelope in child's folder if they are getting the hot lunch. The folder is what we check in the morning for notes and money. Hot lunch calendar can be found on SBS website****

****Also if you have not provided a spare set of clothes for your child, can you please send them in some. It doesn't need to be uniform clothes****.

****Any other questions or concerns please feel free to email*****


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