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Welcome to Kindergarten

Teacher: Mrs. Jessica Pernal (




****Thank you for all the penny donations this week and also for the sabotage silver money on Friday! We continue this week as well. Bring in pennies Monday-Thursday and silver or paper money on Fridays.*****

****Thank you for all the Pick a Pops as well! As a reminder please no glass containers and no chocolates. They will melt before the carnival. Thank you****

****We have a 12:45 dismissal on Wednesday March 27. ACES will be open until 6:00*****


This week we learn letters Jj and Ww. We also have sight words:  yellow, blue and green     Please continue to do Lexia and reread paper books that are coming home.

Our big book is "Max Takes the Train"  working on realism vs. fantasy

In math we finish numbers through 31

In religion we continue to reflect on ways to show our love during Lent


**** Please continue to do Lexia for 30 mins each week******

******Penny Wars will begin on Monday March 18, info is coming home in folders******

****Report Cards will be distributed on Tuesday March 19*******

***** Spring Pictures are on Wednesday March 20*******

*****Pick a Pop Dress Down on Thursday March 21*****


This week we continue with vowel Ee and sight words:  go   from   here

Our big book is "Abuela"  working on finding the setting of a story

In math we continue with numbers 21-31

We will also begin to discuss spring and do acitivities and readings have to do with the change of the season

***** Dress Down for a Cause on Friday March 15: Donate at least $5 for Wounded Warrier Project and you can dress down****

***Kindergarten will be having thier special St. Patricks Day treat in the afternoon as well on that day*****


This week we learn our 4th vowel: Ee          Please continue to read the stories with the children that are being sent home. Some of the consonant blend words are tricky,  I will also be sending home some more little stories with the children for extra practice. Again if you see lined paper in thier folder, there will be a note attached for them to practice some words or sentences on the lines. They can read words and sentences but now we really need to make sure they are using the lines properly when writing.

In math we continue with numbers 11-31     

Religion, we continue to talk about Lent and the three things we could do: Pray more, Give something up, and doing something kind for someone else  (thinking about other people)  That is one we are really focusing on in kindergarten

Our big book this week is "If I could Go to Antarctica"  the skill being classify and categorizing 

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