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**I want to take a minute to thank you all for the books and well wishes for me and baby Logan! I am truely lucky to work in such a loving and supportive envirnoment with great families and kids. The kids were so excited to give them to me and it really meant a lot. So to all of you I say THANK YOU!****

****This week we have pizza lunch on Tuesday. No drinks are provided so drinks must come from home. If you didn't order pizza, lunch from home must be provided.****

*****We have no school on Friday November 10 in observance of Veterans Day.*****

*****Just a reminder that we go out for recess and line up in the morning outside if it 32 degrees or higher.  Please just make sure on those chilly days students have coats and maybe even keep a pair of gloves and a hat in their bag. *****


This week in phonics we learn letter Pp for /p/. Our three new sight words are:  we     my    like           Please reread the little paper books that are coming home with the kids. As we learn more letter sounds we are blending words together to read non sight words. For example: /c/ /a/ /t/  is cat. 

Our big book in literature is Animal Babies in the Grassland.  The vocabulary words for it are : calf, cub, joey, grassland, pup and foal. The comprehension skill is finding the main idea in a story. 

In math we begin chapter 3 which is numbers 0-5. We will practice counting 1:1 correpsondance and also properly writing the numbers.

Religion this week is Chapter 6 which is understanding that when we talk with God or anybody else, we also need to take our turn to listen as well. We learn that a conversation is listening and speaking and also that singing is a form of prayer and conversation with God.



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