The St. Bernard Sonic robotics program is an inter-school program that introduces students to FIRST LEGO League.  The program meets once a week after school from mid-November until March, at which time an inter-school competition is held.  FLL is open to children aged 10-14, usually in grades 5-8.

The inter-school robotics program involves the following activities:
* Designing a basic LEGO EV3 robot and simple attachments using the Engineer Design Process
* Programming the robot to accomplish as many missions as possible on the season's robot field
* Researching and creating a solution to a real-world problem related to the season's theme, then presenting their findings in a poster display
* Learning the FIRST Core Values and developing teamwork skills that will lead to success both in FLL and in life 

This is a relaxed, adult-guided program that allows students to experience FIRST LEGO League without the stress of an intense competitive season. Many participants go on to compete with our St. Bernard Swaginators, although some choose to enjoy this more relaxed program year after year.