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  • "I can say without reservation that our experience with St. Bernard School exceeded our expectations. Our children transferred to St. Bernard when the Catholic school they had attended through 4th grade was closed. We knew a Catholic-based education was important to us but were nonetheless saddened by the transition our children would need to make. They would be entering after many friendships among classmates had already formed and routines were already familiar. Our worries were quickly dispelled as we were embraced and welcomed by the teachers, administrators, and established families. Over the next four years, we were part of an unforgettable school experience that included challenging instruction, a wonderfully caring staff, an ongoing commitment to community service, and a true sense of belonging...all of this built on the foundation of our Catholic faith and principles. Our three children are now in their junior year of college (University of Connecticut, Rochester Institute of Technology, and Smith College) and have experienced semesters abroad in Paris and Dubai. We know that the years at St. Bernard School certainly contributed to each of their successes and we remain very grateful."  

    Peter & Lori Polis: Former SBS Parents
  • "Mine and my son's experience at St. Bernard School has been exceptional. Owen started in Kindergarten and is now in 8th grade. Over all the years, every teacher has been helpful and attentive to any needs he may have had and have been there to guide him in a positive way to help him achieve each year. We had some personal struggles and their caring and positive nature was a saving grace. We are now preparing for high school and I know he has been given the tools he needs to succeed and the values to help continue to grow. As a parent, I loved the "family" that I've gained within St. Bernard School."  

    Leesa Contreras: SBS Parent, Student in 8th Grade
  • "St. Bernard School provided an amazing education for our children. The warm, nurturing environment helped our extremely shy daughter find her voice and grow into the confident young woman she is today. Academically, our children were in very different places and SBS met both of their needs spectacularly. Our daughter was always challenged and went to high school more than prepared for her advanced placement classes. Our son had a very different learning style and struggled academically when he was young, but he always had the support of the amazing SBS teachers who eventually found the key to his success. He went on to excel in a technical high school for three years and was accepted to college a full year early! Both of our children credit their college success to St. Bernard School. The strong academic standards, the caring educators, and the study skills they learned at a young age have helped them become successful adults. As parents, we couldn't have been happier with their years at SBS."

    Daniel and Michelle Lavoie: Former SBS Parents
  • "We have been so happy with our experience at SBS. Our children are getting an excellent academic experience combined with a strong sense of morality. We love the strong sense of community and the focus on community service. We feel that SBS is molding our children into great citizens who care about their community."  

    Current SBS Family: Students in Grade 1 & 2
  • "We chose St. Bernard School originally because we felt it would provide our children with the best education in the Town of Enfield. That decision has been a very good decision for my family and especially my children. My children are getting an excellent education that is challenging and meaningful for them and they are a part of a community which is supportive and value driven."

    Current SBS Family: Children in Grade 1 & 4
  • "One of our children was valedictorian of his class and the others were also near the top. All did very well on the SAT's which, to us, was a result of their formative education at St. Bernard. All three went on to very selective colleges and they found great success in their majors - history/writing, education, and mathematics. They are all now doing very well in their selective careers. If we were to do it all over, we would send them to St. Bernard School again. Not only did they receive a wonderful education but they also grew up to be caring and loving individuals with many friends and interests."  

    The Gorzkowski Family: Former SBS Family
  • "Our 3 children attended St. Bernard School from K-8. Nothing compares to the level of attention they received due to smaller class sizes. All 3 had positive experiences graduating with high morals and integrity that were instilled in them in a loving, caring environment. We are so grateful for this and we all now have wonderful memories that will last a lifetime!"

    The Mitton Family: Former SBS Family
  • "Having sent two children through St.Bernard School, I cannot think of a better place to prepare a child for high school (Northwest Catholic High School,) college (Tufts University for my son) and beyond. St. Bernard not only prepared them academically and spiritually but also prepared them for life outside the classroom."  

    John Fahey: Former SBS Parent
  • "The community at St. Bernard School provides the perfect environment for student learning to take place. In my classroom, the students feel comfortable and empowered to take educational risks and learn beyond the textbooks because they are among their closest peers. It is the teachable moments and the student sparked investigations that the students remember. Whether it is measuring penguins or solving a holiday math mystery, these activities provide the students hands-on learning that carries them into the lessons of tomorrow."  

    Amy Kundrat: 4th Grade Classroom Teacher, Lead Teacher, and SBS Alumni
  • "Attending St. Bernard School from fifth to eighth grade was very beneficial to my development of important life skills. Among these skills that I learned are respect, time management, and organization. I learned the value of respect on my first day of school at St. Bernard when I entered the classroom and was warmly received by my new classmates and my new teacher. The respect that I was shown made the transition into my new school that much easier. I not only learned social skills from my educational years at St. Bernard, but also equally important academic skills. First of all, time management was one of the most important skills I learned because that alone has greatly to my current academic success. Beginning in seventh grade, I remember being introduced to an opportunity for a study hall instead of recess. I soon learned the skill of time management and began to prioritize academics over less important activities after school, such as watching television. This skill has been vital to my academic success as I have many extracurricular activities in addition to a rigorous workload. With the time management skills that I learned at St. Bernard, I was better prepared for high school than many of my peers at the beginning of freshman year. All in all, these social and academic skills that I was privileged to learn at St. Bernard School are skills that I have taken with me to college and that I will continue to use for the rest of my life."  

    Katie: Alumni of SBS
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