Running Club

Fall Running Club -- Fit Kids in School

In conjunction with the Hartford Marathon Foundation, students in grades 4-8 may sign up and train one afternoon each week at SBS with Mrs. Frost. The goal of the Fit Kids in School club is to have fun while getting in some fitness. Each week for six weeks, we will run together on school property and log our miles. Each student can log up to 12.1 or 25.2 miles and then complete their “final mile” with a field trip to the final mile race at Rentschler Field in East Hartford where students from schools all over Connecticut will finish their long distance goals of either a half or full marathon distance. This popular club encourages fitness, healthy exercise, eating habits and fun. 

For more information on the Fit Kids in School program from the Hartford Marathon Foundation, visit their website at:

Spring Running Club

***Spring Running Club Update--It looks like the Spring Running Club will not take place this year due to the Covid-19 outbreak, but you can still get outside for exercise and running! Don't give up on your exercise goals this spring! I'm going to try to post weekly videos of some of the things I'm doing to stay active. Hopefully I can help keep you motivated, too, during this time of at home schooling. Stay healthy, everyone! Hope to see you soon! ~Mrs. Frost

3/22/20:  Click here for Link to video #1

3/27/20:  Click here for Link to video #2

4/5/20:  Click here for Link to video #3

4/5/20  Link to I-Spy Run

4/14/20  Click here for Link to video #4

4/20/20  Click here for Link to video #5

5/5/20  Click here for Link to video #6 (final video for spring session)

Miles with Miles Fitness Challenge Link:

Enfield Moves Virtual Run/Walk (FREE!):  click here for more info

Our spring running club is an extension of our fall running club, but it is less focused on a set distance goal. Students in grades 4-8 again may sign up to train one afternoon each week at SBS with Mrs. Frost. Our main goals in the spring are to jump start our fitness for spring sports and enjoy exercise in the outdoors. The program runs for 5 or 6 weeks, and our group seeks participation in local 5K at the end of our training as our final group event. (The 5K is voluntary and is done outside of the regular school day.)